Musical Futures provide training and resources for teachers across the UK so they can run more accessible music-making in their schools. Their approach is based on the real-world practices of popular and community musicians, making it relevant and engaging for kids.

Musical Futures launched ‘Disquiet’ in 2017, a pilot project to train six young music leaders in Kent to run their own music clubs using the MF approach. The trainees are developing music skills on a variety of instruments, working towards an arts qualification and getting ongoing coaching while they run and lead music workshops for other young people. Later, the trainees will co-create a new toolkit that will be shared nationally with the hope of inspiring other young people to run music clubs.

SPARKEDECHO are working with Musial Futures to manage and evaluate the project, and provide coaching to the trainee music leaders.  The work is being delivered in partnership with Ideas Test and Stood Youth Centre, and is funded by Youth Music.