Heralding a new approach to staging contemporary opera, The Opera House Next Door presents an immersive production of King Harald’s Saga by J. Weir in domestic settings. Part artist-designed interactive archaeological dig, part grand song and complete voyage of operatic discovery. The project will build new audiences for unfamiliar opera through interactive and exploratory performances in informal and site-responsive settings, targeting those who are unfamiliar with live contemporary opera, and aiming to stretch appetites of regular opera-goers. The project will deliver 16 participatory workshops and 16 performances tailored towards family groups and adult audiences.

SPARKEDECHO are working with Artistic Director and opera activist, Tania Holland Williams, as Creative Producer for the project.


The Opera House Next Door are inviting members of the public to come along to a series of interactive workshops to help develop, design and road-test the interactive props, puzzles and clues for a forthcoming new opera production. Alongside working on the interactive elements of the show, each workshop will explore one of the key building bricks of opera. The emphasis will be on having fun while solving creative design challenges. Workshops will be led by opera activist Tania Holland Williams and members of the Opera House Next Door creative team.

Ideas Test, Sittingbourne
21st Sep 2017 / 2-5pm / 6-9pm / Moodboards & concept
29th Sep 2017 / 2-5pm / 6-9pm / Using sound
4th Oct 2017 / 2.30-5.30pm / 6-9pm / Telling stories
12th Oct 2017 / 2-5pm / 6-9pm / Vocal fireworks